AI is the Future of Facility Management

The term Artificial Inteligence (AI) has been around since 1956, but recently it grew into much bigger proportions. Its success within last 2 decades brought attention from many investors and industry leaders. Even though the applications of AI in facility management are only starting to emerge, the future seems incredibly bright. According to experts facility management might be industry that benefits the most from AI, given the sheer amount of repetitive, time-consuming tasks.

Predictive Maintenance

What Is Predictive Maintenance (PdM)? Predictive maintenance is a technique used to predict when maintenance is necessary and prevent unnecessary downtime. Based on data collected by sensors and other IoT devices during normal operation, it detects possible defects and allows you to fix them before failure even occurs. Predictive maintenance allows the maintenance frequency to be as low as possible. Compared to reactive and preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance is better at decreasing downtime, increasing productivity and eliminating breakdowns.

Introducing Degree Days and Their Importance in Energy Management

What are Degree Days? Degree days are a simplified form of historical weather data. Despite their importance for monitoring and modeling the relationship between outside temperature and energy consumption, they are widely misunderstood and underused. Weather conditions account for 50% - 70% of energy use variability in buildings. In other words, majority of energy use fluctuation we see on day-to-day bases is caused by changes of outdoor temperature. Degree days simply indicate how much heating or cooling is required in a given period of time in a particular location.

New Technology in Facility Management

In this article we will highlight multiple new technologies such as: BIM Biometric technology Drones Smart systems Technology is constantly evolving. For some it might seem like it is impossible to keep up with it, but for those who can stay up to date it is a great opportunity to get ahead of competition and maximise profit. 1. Building Information Modeling (BIM) Commonly used by contractors and architects, Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a software for creating virtual models of building projects.

Advantages of Computer Aided Facility Management

What is CAFM? Computer-aided facility management (CAFM) is a growing area of IT that allows building owners and managers to move their essential logistics towards digital space through facility management softwares. From the day-to-day management of desk spaces to the bigger picture and saving analysis CAFM simplifies many aspects of facility management. Why Should You Implement CAFM? In this article we will highlight multiple advantages of CAFM that apply to anyone who ownes or works inside of a building.

The Importance of Collecting Data

Why collect facility management data? There is a plenty of available data about the facility you manage, and collecting them has never been easier, but is it necessary? The answer is absolutely! Accurate data allows you to understand your facility better and to make better, data-driven, decisions. How the data is analysed and used is of equal importance, and the best way to do so is by implementing the right computer aided facilities management system (CAFM).

Digital Transformation in Facility Management

Digital Transformation Digital Transformation is where people, processes and technology overlap. Technology can be leveraged to deliver transparency and accountability to people, and to ensure high efficiency of all processes. According to studies technology leaders see more than a 25 % higher profit than competitors in their industry. Unfortunately many businesses are digitally transforming existing practices, not transforming digitally in order to improve their efficiency. This leads to companies acquiring new technologies but not using them to their full potential.

How to Save on Energy Consumption

6 tips how to save on energy consumption Energy consumption can make up a significant chunk of your expenditures, and it’s one area where you can always improve. Adopting some energy-efficient practices can help you save money while improving your indoor environment for a better office. In this article you can find some tips how to improve your energy efficiency. 1. Lighting On average lighting accounts for 20% of your electricity consumption, so even small improvements can add up to big savings.

Post Covid-19 facility management

Introduction Even though coronavirus pandemic of 2020 might be after its peak, nobody knows if ,or when, another pandemic might shut down our economies and our day-to-day lives. Many Facility Managers are aware of this threat and are undertaking necessary precautions to be better prepared for a similar situations in the future. This article will highlight some of the best practices you can implement right now to make your facility more pandemic-proof.

IoT in facility management

What is The Internet of things (IoT)? The Internet of things is a system of devices provided with unique identifiers and capable of connecting to the internet. If you think that it is broad definition, you are correct. Basically any device that can connect to the internet is part of IoT. That includes devices such as your smartphone or your laptop, but may also include thermostats or energy monitoring devices.